- AI Playlist Name Generator -

What is this?

This is a Flask-based website that enables users to upload their Apple Music playlists to generate a tailored playlist name using GPT-3.5. This website is hosted using Vercel.

How to use

  1. Click "Upload playlist"
  2. Connect your Apple Music account
  3. Click the playlist that you want to generate a new name for
  4. If you want to generate a new name, click "Generate another playlist name"

How it works

Your Apple Music account is linked to the website using the Apple Music MusicKit API. We don't store any data but the site needs access to:

We read each song and artist name in your selected playlist and pass it into the text-davinci-003 model (part of the GPT 3.5 family) to generate a name specific to the songs in your playlist.

-You can view the source code for this site on my GitHub.

Does it work with Spotify?

No it doesn't. The original version of this website was created and fully functional using Spotify's API, however, to get a website approved for public use using their API a Quota Extension Request must be approved by Spotify internally. The orignal version of this website violated the Spotify Developer Policy Section III. 14.

Following the rejection I decided to change this website to use Apple Music instead of Spotify, however the original version is available for viewing on my GitHub if anyone happens to find it beneficial, or in a scenario where Spotify loosens their AI policy.

Donate to developer

Hosting, API costs and my Apple Developer License are funded by me personally, any contributions to help the upkeep would be welcome.

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